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when you have big calves

How to dress when you have big calves?

Some people sometimes want to hide their calves because they are too big . The calves are a real complex for these people who have trouble wearing outfits by sublimating their legs. However, there is no point in hiding this part of the body in pants that are too wide when fashion allows you to take big calves.

Let’s see how to get dressed when you have big calves.

What to wear when you have big calves?
For a woman who has big calves, the palazzo pants and the pretty long dress are perfect to hide your complex . But you can also wear a skirt, pants , shorts or a dress that is not too long.

You have to give up everything that can slice your leg and give you the look of an old person. It is the same for the pencil skirt that shows the size of your calves . Adopt knee length instead. Consider trying flared models that will make your silhouette dance. They help to refine the legs.

For your pants, opt for a pretty high-waisted model that must be a little “flare”. Take a model whose hem falls on the shoe . With this model, it is not possible to guess that you have strong calves or big ones that cause you a complex.

What jeans do you wear when you have big calves?
Even when you have big calves, there are many solutions to enhance your figure . For that, you just have to dress according to your morphology and to make the good choice of the parts which you will adopt.

So, opt for the model of raw denim, right and without accessory. You can also follow the latest trends by opting for example for a boyfriend .

This jeans will very well blur your calves beautifying your body. If you do not have big ankles, take advantage of some tips to be more charming by putting your beautiful ankles in value ! Take care to show them by rolling the bottom of the jeans.

It is true that the slim can stick a little too much to your skin, but if you cover it with a good pair of boots that come down on your ankle , this slim can also be hot. Do not neglect the visual tips that help minimize the curves of your calves

Thus, it is important to dress according to your morphology and take the time to choose the outfits you want to wear to no longer be a woman complexed by the size and shape of the calves.

How to dress with big calves? What skirt to wear when you have big calves ? These queries have very simple fashion solutions that you simply have to adopt.