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When should Wear a corset

Wear a corset during the sport to lose weight?

An ephemeral solution for a fine size
The use of this type of clothing during physical activity has, indeed, an important slimming activity, for both women and men.

However, some doctors pointed out that this was only a short-term solution. Once the clip is removed, your body will get up and relax.

If you wear a garment around the waist, specially designed to make you sweat more during exercise, the only thing that could really go in the direction of a removal of the most intense fat

In addition, over-tightening this type of clothing can be dangerous for health and particularly for the ribs. During the sport, this can also limit your movements or even cut your breathing.

The dangers of the corset for health
This method is not safe for many women who have adopted it, especially during intense physical exercise. This slimming tool is not one, even if it gives the impression of carving and refining the silhouette.

In fact, by compressing the chest and stomach, it can degrade the skin and damage vital organs such as the kidneys, liver or spleen. This goes to the desired effect.

The lack of oxygenation caused by the use of this garment in the long term can even lead to weight gain and attack the general metabolism. Many people condemn this method, not rational for some.

Thus, the best method is to practice a regular activity and a varied diet. You can perfectly use this type of clothing, but for a particular occasion, apart from any physical exercise. It is best to use it for a few hours at most, not every day.