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What shoes to choose when you have big calves?

Having strong and asserted calves is not always a good thing , as well for the elegance of the silhouette as for health in general. To gain comfort and have a delicate approach, it is better to invest in adapted shoes that will hide this part of the body that can be a real source of complex.

So which ones to choose?

The heels
Pumps and any type of shoe with high heels is the ideal pair of shoes that anyone with strong calves should have in their closet.

In addition to gaining extra centimeters, the heels lift the silhouette and visually refine this part of the body , as if by magic. From a height of 5 centimeters, the calves change position and tend to be much thinner.

The height instantly creates a beautiful arch that will partially erase the roundness of the ankles. Pumps and wedge sandals are preferred . The ideal type of heel will be square and slightly narrow. It must not be too thin, however.

Which boots to choose?
Everyone knows, the boots remain the number one enemy of the imposing calves . Who has never been disappointed when trying to put on beautiful leather bridle riders and be unable to properly close the zipper?

To remedy this “size” problem, it would be best to turn to models more suited to the calves affirmed. These are those with several calf widths.

The best would be to favor high- heeled boots, and 45 cm, 55 cm or even 60 cm heel-type boots that can fully cover the calves.

Avoid at all costs the models that stop in the middle of the calves, and which will draw quickly attention to this part which you wish to conceal. Another very practical tip is also to bet on falling boots. Their wide openings instantly erase the complex of strong calves.

What to avoid
Other small details deserve to be reviewed to avoid attracting the eye on the big calves. We must indeed avoid shoes with rounded ends , flat brogues, and shoes with flanges that only make the figure heavier.

It is the same for sharp ends . Although they are fine, they still tend to protrude calves already asserted, and not to lengthen the legs.

The low-boots, the boots as well as the high sneakers are also not the best allies of the big calves. In addition to visually cutting the ankle, these types of shoes bring only the opposite effect, making the figure heavier.

Contrary to what one thinks, it is quite possible to visually erase the imposing calves, by simply betting on the good shoes that refine the silhouette , without weighing it down.