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USB Gold Painless Facial Hair Remover

Best Hair Removal Tool 2018 In USA!

Getting Rid of un-wants was never so easy:

Are you also stuck in common feminist problems ?

Is your busy routine dragging you and your beauty as well ?

Have you tired up using hair removal creams or having hourly waxes ?

To answer these question we have brought a gift to you. This will surely spare you from these sort of problems and will give you a super equipped lifestyle accompanying and with the courtesy of our Hair Removal Device.


It is a super cool electronic device with ease of use equipped with blades and razors along with its fully customized operations , giving you a flawless skin in matter of minutes not hours.

What makes it special :                                              

  • Have 4 orientally different and diverse heads , including versatile blades enabling the device to work proficiently for the body parts it deployed i.e. nose, arms under-arms legs upper-lips and pubic hairs.
  • Sleek outlook and angled heads work in association with particular body part effectively.
  • Uses laser technology , moreover all its operations are fully painless and smooth.
  • Device is hypoallergenic reduces the risk of infections and inflammations due to allergies.
  • It is a portable device , light in weight and occupies small space . Can be readily fitted in your casual handbags.
  • Empowered on the go by re-chargeable battery , connected by USB drive.
  • For precise and efficient trimming purpose .
  • Leaves no scars or signs during its application.
  • Adjustable and customizable blade heads designed on engineered measures to be really fit in all targeted areas of body real quick.


  • Weight = 6 ounces
  • Trim Heads = 4
  • Charging = Any USB port i.e. Pcs , laptops and power banks.
  • Charging Time = 3 hours
  • Color = Pink , Red and Blue.
  • Rotation = 360°


Usage Mannual:

A comprehensive mannual is placed inside the package . Let me throw some rays of light on main postulates !

  • Target a desired area and pick suitable Trim head
  • Rotate clockwise to remove and anticlockwise to place the head respectively .
  • Turn the “ON” button and move the heads back and forth on desired repetitions.
  • Turn the device “OFF” after usage .


Side-effects and safety measures:

Although the device has been made on very strict measures regarding the elimination of any sort of health hazards, despite of this only fraction of inviduals may come through certain problems like


Irritation or itching:


Don’t get panic if you encounter this situation , just use this device gently and avoid over pressing it for long . Or rinse the area with cold water after application. It will surely vanish after an hour .

Avoid using if condition persists for a day or two

  • Sensitive skins may face scabs , in this situation pre-lubrication is required.
  • Trim Heads are washable but don’t soak whole body just wash tips of the blades.
  • Replace trim heads after 6 months of usage.

Hopes for your quickest Grab on this device . Thanks !