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5 good skin foods!

1. Green tea
You have to replace your cup of coffee for breakfast with a cup of green tea. The essential antioxidant, vitamin and mineral properties of green tea will benefit the skin, both indoors and outdoors. This tea can prevent your acne by reducing your level of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that promotes the onset of acne.

Green tea is also a rich antioxidant drink that helps your skin stay healthy and young. For quick effects on your skin, take 4 cups of green tea without sugar a day.

2. Fish and seafood.
According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, a diet rich in fish and seafood allows less wrinkles. This could be due to omega-3s found in fish and seafood that slow down the process of wrinkle formation.

He advises eating five servings of oily fish a week. So you can eat salmon to produce collagen in a natural way, to firm and soften your skin.

3. Cucumber
Cucumber is an effective food to properly hydrate your skin. From April to October inclusive, it is composed of more than 90% water, which makes the cucumber very refreshing. This vegetable is also rich in vitamins (A, B, C and E) and minerals, for a small amount of calories (12 per 100 grams).

You can eat your cucumbers in salads, cocktails, cold soups or detox juice. Think about eating and drinking water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers to moisturize and lighten your skin.

4. Almonds
Naturally rich in antioxidants, this almond fruit helps hydrate the skin by stimulating the ability of epidermal cells to retain fluids. This fruit enriched with vitamin E is an effective ally to protect your skin from UV rays and make your hair shine.

5. Lawyer
Avocado is rich in vitamin E, potassium, beta-sitosterol, lutein and other essential nutrients. It’s the fruit you need to hydrate your skin and keep it looking younger. You can consume your avocado in the morning shakes to better enjoy its effects on the dermis and epidermis. You can also eat this creamy fruit on a toast, sandwich or salad.