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Highlight a round face

How to highlight a round face?

Cheeks too round to your liking, the beginnings of a double chin or forehead a little prominent …, a round face can be the sign of a problem of weight or simply the natural shape of the figure.

So, how to enhance it? We will focus on makeup to rebalance the structure of the face, a hairstyle to lengthen the features and with volume. Let’s take a look at these tips and hints to hide the curves of a face more closely.

Refine a round face: zoom on contouring
“I have a doll face, I do not know how to show it”. Makeup technique to accentuate or give relief, contouring is the perfect method to refine a baby face . With the help of a big brush and the use of two foundations of different colors – one being darker than that corresponding to its complexion and the other lighter – the aim is to redraw the cheekbones by creating relief .

Applied to the oval of the face and the hollow of the cheeks pulling outwards , the darker foundation will have the effect of making them visually finer. Deposited on the protruding parts of the face, cheekbones, chin tips and nose, forehead, the use of the illuminator will complete a contouring makeup.

Refine a round face: the enhancement of the look
To slice with the roundness of the face and to lengthen it, the make-up of the eyes will have the effect of creating eyes in almond . The drawing of a line of eye-liner stretching towards the temples is suitable for everyday use.

Otherwise, a revolver look in smocky eyes stretched with elongated eyelashes will sublimate any round face , erasing the baby looks to make way for the face of a femme fatale.

For a perfect rendering, do not forget to draw your eyebrows high arch. The attention is then focused on the look, the nude tones and the matte will be preferred to make up his mouth . Glosses and other shiny lip sticks will only intensify the roundness of the face.

Enhancement of a round face: the double chin
A double chin ? Refine or blend it by always playing with the shadows. To do this, use a powder of a shade darker than your skin that you spread with a large brush on the jaws, along the jaw. Be careful not to put too much to avoid the beard effect.

To soften the shadow created by the camouflage make-up and for a natural effect, finish with a sweep with a transparent powder.