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Hide his belly

What jersey to hide his belly?

Not being (yet) those who are lucky enough to have a flat stomach , you are looking for the ideal swimsuit to camouflage a little round belly? Tankini, swimsuit one piece slimming or sheathing , panties high waist …, the perfect jersey to hide the belly will be above all refining or enveloping.

Swimsuits perfect for hiding belly
“My belly is slightly bounced and that makes me very much at the beach or at the pool. What jersey like jersey would it allow me to hide it? “. To hide a soft belly, rounded or marked with stretch marks , one-piece swimsuits are perfect models.

For a successful flat stomach effect , we will take care to choose his jersey among the models designed with a material galbant. The sculpting fabric will erase your curves at the belly while reshaping your figure.

During the fitting and for your comfort, remember only the shirt or models of fine tuning in which you are perfectly comfortable . Gainant therefore, but not compressing!

Uncomplicated despite a little belly in two-piece suit
Also made of curved fabrics, 2-piece swimsuits with low waists also help to hide a flabby belly . You will recognize them by their pretty retro style, but resolutely modern.

By opting for a shorty , you not only hide your curves in the stomach, but in addition you will refine your hips. With a tank top like top, the tankini is without a doubt the most practical model for women’s swimsuits to steal a belly bounced from the eyes.

Braces thin or wide, bare back …, there is something for all tastes and all morphologies.

Jersey to hide a belly: tips on what to avoid
You will understand, jerseys with low low sizes will be avoided at all costs. Also avoid all the details that attract attention on your abdomen and down: presence of ruffles, belts, knots or cords . Side colors, if the black has the advantage of offering a slimming effect, it is possible to wear other colors as long as they are not too pale or too bright. Another tip to make the right choice of jersey round belly, refrain from choosing a model with large prints.

Finally, consider that by rigorously following a diet to lose belly , making sure to have a balanced diet or by practicing some physical activities , you will not have to worry about your belly – again firm and flat – to choose a shirt.