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Clothes to run

What clothes to run?

Underwear, the base!
Indeed, we tend to forget them and yet, they are of paramount importance. They must above all be comfortable and seamless to avoid the very painful irritation due to repeated rubbing! They must also be designed in a breathable material.

For a woman, wearing a sports bra is very important . The chest should be held firmly without being compressed . Finally, the socks must be soft, comfortable, absorbent, breathable and especially without seams too. In summer, a light fabric is preferred.

In winter, you have to invest in models to keep the body warm and not let the cold.

Several layers, you will plan!
Indeed, in all weathers, this detail is important. The layer 1 is composed of clothing that allows to evacuate quickly and well any trace of moisture and perspiration. Cotton is to be avoided because it does not evacuate the sweat quickly enough and cools the body too much.

The layer 2 is intended to isolate the body from external aggressions such as in cold weather or in the rain.

Optionally, you can provide a layer 3 composed of a windbreaker that as its name suggests , will protect you against sudden changes in weather or simply against gusts. In addition, the current models are so compact that you can slip them into a small pocket.

Reflective clothes for the night!
In addition to comfort and performance, security concepts should be your priority. The bright colors of outfits designed to run outside are there for that : to be seen (e) of all but at night, it gets complicated!

Therefore, if you run in the morning or at the end of the day , such as in fog, snow or rain, consider wearing clothes with reflective elements, this is a minimum for your session to take place in perfect security.

In addition to your outfit, always plan on refueling and hydrating yourself. There are many bags and belts for all levels and all types of practices. Now you’re ready to put on your running shoes and make the first strides towards your new goal!