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Which wedding dress to choose when one is round?

Step 1: Identify your assets!
A round woman has many assets, although she tends not to see them because she is too focused on the parts of her body that on the complex. It can be a generous breast, a sweet and smiling face, beautiful legs, luminous skin or even a well-defined waist, a beautiful fall of the kidneys, shoulders tight …

Find your strengths and put them in value! You will know if you should go to a dress with neckline or strapless, play with transparency with lace or let you guess the curve of your legs.

Step 2: Choose the right material
If you are not familiar with the world of fashion, the choice of fabric is very important. Some cottons are very heavy and stiff, so of course they drop the dress, but they will invariably weigh on you. Instead, he prefers a light, fluid and even vaporous textile.

Silk, tulle, lace, the options are many! Your dress should be fluid and / or airy. The fabric will follow your movements, giving you style and ease.

If I’m round and small, what should I do?
The traditional wedding dress is usually very long and you know that it is not always flattering for a little woman. However, playing on the colors (light, embroidered tone on tone, with some beads, etc …) and the fabric (fluid, transparent in places …), the result will be beautiful! The trick is in the little details: high heels, a hairstyle that grows, etc …

I love the dress of the empire, is it a good idea?
In fact, it is even the most appropriate model for its morphology. In fact, this type of clothing improves the chest and masks all the defects of a slightly round silhouette. The fabric falls very elegantly under the chest to the ground. This is ideal but, again, it is really necessary that the dress has a beautiful air effect and obvious clarity.

Now you have all the keys in hand to find the perfect wedding dress for you!