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Acupuncture jewelry to lose weight?

What is a slimming acupuncture gem?
These are often rings inspired directly by Chinese medicine . They are usually attached to the big toe of each of your feet. At the heart of these jewels is a magnet that is supposed to act on specific areas of acupuncture. The goal is to stimulate the body to accelerate the effects of a slimming diet.

A slimming action but not only …
These jewelry stimulate the body as an acupuncture session and encourages the body to eliminate better and faster stored fat . In parallel, they also act on the stress and relieves small pains without gravity. Of course, they do not replace medical treatment. You will also notice an effective regulation of your appetite.

Practical advice
Acupuncture jewelry is just like any other jewelry and simply wash with warm, slightly soapy water. This treatment obviously does not affect the effect of the magnet.

How much will it cost me?
This type of jewelry costs around € 20 and can be found easily on the internet.

The disadvantages of acupuncture jewelry
You have to be very healthy to use them. That’s why when in doubt, consider asking for medical advice before investing. Similarly, acupuncture jewelry is forbidden to pregnant women. Finally, their effectiveness remains modest and they must imperatively be worn as part of a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and of course regular physical activity.

Among all the possible slimming tricks, acupuncture jewelry can be a solution . However, be aware that the results vary greatly from one person to another.