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How much hair loss is normal? And other FAQs

We ask Vinci Hair Clinic specialists to share their experience and answer the most frequently asked questions about the prevention and treatment of hair loss.

How much hair loss is normal?

According to the specialists of the Vinci Hair Clinic, one of the key points to understand the hair is that they follow a natural cycle of growth and excretion. Normally, up to 90% of our hair is in the growth phase (anagen) and up to 10% in the resting phase (catagen). A much smaller amount of hair will be in the loss phase (telogen), which will result in a loss of 50 to 100 strands of hair each day.

Are there home remedies that work to treat hair loss?

DIY treatments for hair loss are attractive because they are generally cheap and involve the use of ingredients that most of us have in the kitchen, such as onion juice or green tea. These baldness are often accompanied by enthusiastic anecdotes, but are rarely backed up by solid scientific evidence. Vinci experts explain that there are no effective home remedies to treat hair loss. Too many people waste time trying such treatments when they could use a clinically proven solution such as minoxidil, finasteride or LLLT.

Does shampooing or conditioning your hair contribute to hair loss?

There are many misconceptions about the relationship between shampooing and conditioning and hair loss. Some people believe that washing your hair too often can cause hair loss, while others insist otherwise. The truth is that hair loss is not usually caused by normal washing routines or hair care products. However, Vinci experts say it is important to keep the scalp clean and avoid irritating hair growth. Take the time to choose products that meet the needs of your hair and scalp and maintain a regular cleaning routine to reduce the risk of hair growth problems.

When should you ask for help to fight hair loss?

Vinci Hair Clinic specialists have told us that, ideally, you should get professional advice as soon as you notice changes in your hair loss or density. The early treatment of hair restoration offers several benefits. Hair loss at an early stage is usually easier to treat and, in many cases, it can be prevented from progressing further.

Amazing Result! Toppik Hair Building Fibers Reviews!

Toppik Hair Building Fibers!

Toppik Hair Building Fiber is a steal in Toppik product lineup product and their most popular item. The same protein in fibers, skin, and nails is carried out without bugs. They rotate with the current hair, fill the groove, and give more hair care. Toppik claims that the fibers are almost undetectable as well, too close. Hair building fiber is available in black, deep brown, medium brown, light brown, medium blonde, blonde, acorn, brown, and white. Toppik also says that there will be no fibers in the rain, air, or calm – just a combination of shampoo and water.

Using Toppik with Other Products:

Since Toppik just helps the cosmetic appearance of thinning hair, many people have to use hair growth products in addition to hair building fibers. Toppik will not interfere with any oral medicines, because it does not include any medication or ingredients that are crushed into the skull. Mine is also safe to use in combination with oxides (active ingredients in the development of growth. Apply the mix axial to the skull before bracket, because hair building fibers troubled me with the ability to enter hairy plants.

The Verdict on Toppik Hair Building Fiber:

Toppik is one of the same hair deficiency products that does not claim to treat the subject of hair loss. Instead, it treats cosmetic effects – which is mostly concerned about most people. Unfortunately, Toppik is just a temporary solution that should be applied every day and removed. This is just realistic with permanent hair loss to use this product as a daily routine. Toppik is a decent choice for people who have a special event and just want to fill their spot for a night.

 Hair Building Fibers Reviews:

For the longest time, victims of hair loss were some of the available choices about dealing with this problem. Some people choose haircutting techniques, but they are expensive and are not covered by insurance.

If the hair loss is slowing, some try to use the developmental formulas of the triangular hair like mine oxalic. These products have been helpful for some, but, unfortunately, as long as you continue to apply them.

But, did you know? Another option is not a basic solution to shampoo or conditioner, nor is a vitamin or dietary supplement to promote hair growth. We now have hairstyle hair available.

Anyhow, Hair construction fibers (or sometimes known as hair frying fibers) have a complete view of the thick hair construction and instantly provide contrast. They are charging electronic fiber made of various materials. High quality is made of natural fibers.

Sprinkle yourself with your fingers

Moreover, you sprinkle yourself with your fingers sprinkling over the skull areas and throw them on a skull. The fibers can be “settled” with the current hair and the skull, and the application of hairspray light. Bald ridge fibers restrict individual hair shaft, which every fat of the hair is fat.

However, they will not brush or boil in the cloud, but your next shampoo will not be found naturally skull detection and hairdresser when they completely wash.

Fibers come in many color options and can be customized mixture of whatever shade they want. A bottle continues for about a month, how often and when you use it.

There are several dozen products on the market, but here, we will review the three most popular brands, including the linear fibers in their product line.


Toppik Hair Building Fibers 27.5G Economy Size

Shade:  Dark Brown

New Package, New Size, Same Great Product!

If you have skinny hair or belt areas, now there is a quick solution! Toppik Hair building Reiner is a science-based advanced product that you’ve already seen. Thinning is a safe, natural, and inaccessible way to improve the appearance of hair

  • Creates thicker, fuller-looking hair instantly
  • 30-second application conceals thinning and balding in seconds
  • Washes out easily with any shampoo
  • Look and feel 10 years younger instantly
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Over one million people use it
  • Great on all hair types
  • Doctor recommended

Toppik Hair Building Fibers for Full Hair!

You know how you look at “best” and “most popular” products in beauty stores, so you give them a scoop, but then you understand that you do not know how to work them. Is? I want to take advantage of your product, “How It Works”, whether the balls are classic or the converter belt must-haves. We will mainly learn you, as well as to ensure some industry expert tips to be more of the buyers.

Bending Hairstyle

We go everywhere, the hairball theme comes between our girlfriends, and we finally start talking about talking about bending hairstyle. Using Thickness Shampoo and usually, instead of general tricks, some things instantly thicken your hair look. This is, as long as we tried to produce capacitor hair-building, the protein fiber that was mixed with the hair was thickened on the request. With special spray applicant and hairline optimizer, women with skinny hair will have to overcome locks instantly.

Product Perks: 

Toppik fiber is made with all natural, and which made of the same natural protein hair.
Platinum Blonde Jet is available in nine colors through black, hair fiber works on the color of any hair.

  • The color of the fibers works to hide roots in between hair color appointments.

How It Works: 

Toppik fiber is mainly a powder with a seafront top in a bottle. Once you have style and dry your hair, you usually take refrigerators (or just your roots completely) freely. If you want to spray the fibers instead, put the spray applicant over the fiber bottle and sprinkle roots. Slowly grab your hair to spread the fibers in your hair. Take the Toppik Hairline Optimizer to really mix in fibers and shake with your roots. So I drank a middle-shadow shade and spread a brush. Voila! Volume! Available in nine colors that can match almost any hair color, works for all hair types and composition of hair fibers. Those parts are great for lanes, cover expansion tracks and touch roots between hair color appointments. Easily put out with shampoo.